Friday, December 02, 2005

Ipoh, February 2004

How does one find true love in one’s lifetime? My best friend from college is getting married this Saturday… We went out for a drink… probably the last time I’m out with them as singles. I had my usual teh tarik kurang manis, while asking them all sorts of questions, just to get my facts right for the speech… “How did you feel when you first met him? What was your impression of him? What makes you proud that he’s your man?” “When did you make your first move? How did you propose? How did she react? What was it about her that so attracted you?” Thousand and one questions, to get to the heart of the matter : the mystery of nuptial love. Can lovers really know when it all began? I sincerely doubt so…Love sneaks up on you, when you least expected it…and when you’ve caught its disease, there’s no way you could recover…nor would want to, if you had your way…

Their deep friendship, their effortless connection with each other’s humanity, how they talked and listened to each other…I would not have believed that ‘soul-mates’ ever existed outside Hollywood films, if not for them, observing them up-close and personal…their most ordinary moments together, an epiphany that disarms even the most battle-hardened, love-forsaken cynic…

If I’d ever believed in miracles, there is one unfolding right before my very eyes…I’m so happy for the both of you =]


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