Thursday, March 31, 2005

The madness of our times
Reason seeks regulation
The moral police, the defender of the faith
To be masters of
our Human Fate, dictating Human Salvation;
manipulate the Earth, coerce the People
manufacture consent, and profit the rich
It's all the same...
here and everywhere
masquerading Power
through indoctrination-"education"
of the Young, the Faithful
We kid ourselves, "We are not
Collaborators, Progenitors or Perpetrators."
To be model citizens
pay our taxes and stay out of trouble
make sure our GDP is better by the year...
Can dollars and cents
numbers and figures
give us the Clarity we so desperately need
an apocalyptic revelation
'to interpret the signs of our times'?
"Why do you so rage, O Dissident?
Tell us what you want from us..."
No more Last Word, no more Experts
No Final Answers or Solutions
Only speak after you've listened...
please speak after you've listened...